Herringthorpe’s Got Talent 2015

On Friday the 3rd July 2015 we held our annual Herringthorpe’s Got Talent show! As always it was a huge success with children enjoying all the amazing acts. The children have worked very hard practicing every lunchtime to perfect their acts!

Well done to everybody who took part!

Watch the videos below to see all our acts performances… and to find out who the winners were!!

14 responses to “Herringthorpe’s Got Talent 2015

  1. Ok ok let me get this strate OMG THAT WAS AMAZING I WACHED ALL THE VIDIOS IN ONE DAY AND I STILL CANT BELIVE MY EYES I wish the year sixes good luck in the new school I miss you teya

  2. guys that looked awesome I wish I was there to see you preform that again also that song came on at a disco at my new comp and me and Aaron were doing the dance you did to watch me nae nae

  3. Miss towell when you was at Zambia me and my sister missed you so much that we wanted you to come back straight away I hope you had a wundful time and I hope you missed me and my sister bisma.

  4. well done everybody who took park in herringthorpe got talent I really loved it and well done to all the winners and everyone are really missing the year sixes we really miss you .

  5. Wow!
    You guys lucked like you had so much fun!!!
    I wish I could go back to herringthorpe.
    Well done to everyone who entered you tried really hard
    From Sania

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