Class Challenge 2015

On Thursday the 2nd of July Mrs Kirby’s class and Mrs Greenwood’s were in the class challenge final. The class challenge is a tournament run throughout the year where the classes play football each week against their peers. Collecting points for a win, draw, fair play, sportsmanship and their teacher supporting their team. Both classes have worked very hard to get to the final and during the game demonstrated all the qualities of a true sportsman. The game finished 1:1 taking the game to a penalty shoot out. After the third round of penalties Travis Twigg saved the final penalty crowning Mrs Greenwood’s class the champions. Charlie McVann won man of the match for his first appearance in goal and can I add what a fabulous job he did, I would recommend that he goes in goal more often. Both teams were outstanding on the field and both teams deserved to win.

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