Y6 Shipwreck Challenge!

What a fabulous afternoon we’ve had in Year 6!

For our new ‘Shipwrecked’ topic, one of our summer home learning tasks was to design and build a boat that would both float, and travel!

With Mrs Evans’ paddling pool, we were able to test everyone’s boats and score them based on their designs, as well as their ability to float and travel.

Congratulations to our fabulous WINNERS:

Lucy Gill Kimber – Y6G

Coburn Hunter – Y6W

Emily Barratt – Y6E

Well done Year 6!

7 responses to “Y6 Shipwreck Challenge!

  1. I think that we all had fun yesterday racing our boats. I was really happy that my boat was the winner in my class. I wish that I could have seen all of the boats but I am sure that they are all amazing! Well done to Coburn H and Emily B for winning in their classes!

  2. I really liked yesterday because i was one of the judges and i like to judge. My boat went well but I didn’t win. It was funny when Ruby’s boat sank because Mr Williams told us to salute.

  3. I really enjoyed the shipwreck because it really funny when ruby s boat sunk it was just like titanic. I really like everyone s because everyone s boat were amazing

  4. I really like the shipwreck challenge because i had fun and i was laughing so hard because Ruby’s boat sunk!
    I really like Coburn’s boat because of the fans at the back that made it move.

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