No Pens Day Wednesday

Throughout school we have been exploring the Flanimals books by Ricky Gervais. In Year 5 we have made river monsters, describing  and creating animations for them. Think before you enter Y5A there are some very strange looking creatures around!IMG_1015[1] IMG_1009[1]

2 responses to “No Pens Day Wednesday

  1. I enjoyed no pen day because I got to work with my friend called Joseph we fought I was strange but fun. Y5A made funny flanimals mine was called Glorynesalery which sounds strange. Xx😀😀

  2. It was really fun on No Pens Day Wednesday! It was quite hard too. In maths, my group looked extremely puzzled. I was confused. In my mind, I thought if it wasn’t No Pens Day Wednesday, I could have got 100g but we worked as a team and never gave up.With our hard work, we succeeded! Hard work is the key to success.

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