World Philosophy Day 2015

Today is World Philosophy Day and all classes have been developing their critical thinking and reasoning skills with a very interesting clip called Wings. Common themes were around friendship and helping each other, with each class taking a slightly different slant to answer their question.

Here are the questions we explored in each class, which do you agree with? Do you have any interesting points to further our discussions?

Y3B – Which are more important; people or objects?
Y3T – Why can’t people get along with others who are different?
Y3R- Why did the girl want to save the boy?

Y4C- Why can’t everybody live in peace?
Y4K- What makes people become bullies?

Y5G – If God is a good person why did he make bullying possible?

Y6W – Why do people punish others for being different?

Y6G – What would the world be like without bullies?

Y6E – What can we do to prevent bullying?

Y5A If we know what bullies are like on the outside by how they behave, are they the same on the inside?

Wings –


22 responses to “World Philosophy Day 2015

  1. I think the world would be very kind but sum times we need bullis also people would live a normal life

  2. it would be anamazing place without bullys because bully’s are mean and selfish.But bully’s are never going to stop bullying.

  3. I think everyone would be happy without bullies and have a nice time but also the bullies could be going threw a hard time at home.

  4. I think the world wouldn’t be how it is now because no one would stand up for anything and they would think the world is just kind!

  5. I think that the world would be more calm without bullies ,but very different to what it is like now.

  6. Jade
    I think the world would be a much better place without any bullies because then everyone would be happy and people would just live a normal cheerful life without anyone disturbing them.

  7. my family think people are more important than objects because
    number one if you did not have people you would not have objects
    number two after you play with objects for a while you will get board

  8. I found it interesting when the horrible crows chased Wing and the girl because they didn’t even do anything.

  9. I think that people punish people that are different because they want to be the big person when in fact they are the one that is different.

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