P4C in Y5G Wings

On Thursday the 20th of November Herringthorpe Junior school took part in a P4C session on World Philosophy Day based on the short film Wings – please watch below –



Here are the questions generated in Y5G can you explore them at home with your family?

P4C Questions in Y5G

1. Would you dare step up if you saw someone being bullied and why? 5
2. Why do people make other people apprehensive? 2
3. Do you have the right to bully someone with a disability? 3
4.What is the reason the birds only have one wing? 2
5.If God is a good person why did he make bullying possible? 12


6 responses to “P4C in Y5G Wings

  1. God did’nt want everyone to be the same and it is not right to bully because it is wrong and you should treat others the way you would be treated.

  2. Some people think that bullying is right when it is wrong. It is not gods fault that they are unkind.

  3. God didn’t make everyone the same, we chose our own behaviour and sometimes its not the right thing. we need to think how we would like to be treat and treat others the same.

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