Book Week Assembly

A fitting end to our amazing Book Week was our Mentions Assembly, this afternoon. After each year group had presented their Golden Shield to celebrate achievement and effort, we shared our Book Week Activities. Each year group explained why they were dressed up as they were. Then, we celebrated the books we had created about playground games. We were then treated to each year group explaining and showing us how to play one of the games from their book.

It was important we were on our best behaviour, minding our ‘p s and q s’ as there were some very strict Victorian teachers around today. See if you can spot  them in the photographs? Thank you to Year 4 for your song reminding us how to behave.

Thank you to every one who took part in Book Week, children, teachers and support staff. Mainly, thank you to parents for your continued support of all we do in school, particularly in reading. Once again you rose to the challenge of Victorian, Harry Potter, World War 2 and penguin costumes (penguins?). All the children looked amazing and you have raised over a hundred pounds to buy new books for school. Thank you so very much.


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