Head Teacher’s Tea Party


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Mrs Fearnley was privileged to be invited to a Head Teacher’s Tea Party by one of our ex-pupils Musa Sherwani. It was a wonderful occasion to celebrate the transition to the school for the Y7s.
The afternoon beIMG_3071gan by Musa showing Mrs Fearnley around the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, he was very proud of the facilities; especially the DT rooms and the Science Laboratories. Science is quickly becoming one of Musa’s favourite subjects, this display shows how much sugar
there is in popular drinks! It really gets the message across, don’t you think? Both Musa’s and Mrs Fearnley’s favourite space was the library though – they agreed that it was prob
ably because it felt very much like Herringthorpe with the calm green carpet and walls and the students quietly learning.

Later Mrs Fearnley met Musa’s new Head Teacher and the other staff, who were all lovely people. Over tea which was prepared by the students, Musa shared his latest passion for learning – Latin! Mrs Fearnley was very impressed by his description of the moment when the soldiers went inside the Wooden Horse of Troy – a fabulous piece of writing. “I was so proud of the quality and realised the skills Musa had developed in our school were being used well.”
Musa talked about his time at Herringthorpe and is missing some of his friends and his teachers but he has made new ones and is very happy in his new school. It’s quite a journey to get there everyday but he is thrilled with the opportunity to attend this prestigious school. Apparently Musa did incredibly well in his entrance exam – Mrs Fearnley was just beaming when she heard this!
We wish him all our very best for the future, and know he will do us and his parents proud! Thank you for your invitation Musa and for a very enjoyable afternoon.


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