Jessica Mcgowan’s Praise Pod

Today Jessica was really confused when I collected her from class this afternoon.  Jessica had no idea why she was coming out of class today but after a little chat she guessed she had been nominated to visit the praise pod. Jessica was very proud of her self for her excellent progress in numeracy and said she had been working really hard at home to improve her numeracy skills.  By even doing extra numeracy homework which had not been set by her teacher.

All pupils and staff are extremely proud of Jessica especially Miss Snowden and Miss Reed, her class teachers who nominated Jessica. For not only improving her numeracy skills in school but for her fantastic effort at home which we can tell has really helped her progress in numeracy.  Also for having a fantastic attitude towards learning which is definitely paying off. Well done for having such a positive attitude towards learning. Keep up the hard work!

Watch Jessica’s praise pod here.

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