Josh’s Praise Pod

Today Josh was really happy when I collected him from class this afternoon.  Josh guessed he had been nominated to visit the praise pod. Josh was very proud of himself for his excellent sportsmanship and leadership which he has been doing out on the playground at dinner times.

All pupils and staff are extremely proud of Josh especially Miss Higgins who nominated Josh, for helping her with hockey games all last week.   Also for having a fantastic attitude towards outdoor play which is definitely paying off and setting a good example to others. Miss Higgins also informed me that Josh has been an incredible sportsman and leader when organizing playground games by being fair to all players. Well done for having such a positive attitude towards outdoor play. We are all so impressed with Josh at Herringthorpe that I have allocated him a playground leader position. As i feel Josh will excel in this position as he is always very helpful out on the playground and set’s an excellent example to others. Welcome to the team Josh, Well done you. Keep up the hard work!

Watch Josh’s praise pod here.

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