Ayesha Hussain’s Praise Pod

Today Ayesha was extremely excited when I collected her from class today.  Ayesha guessed she had been nominated to visit the praise pod. Ayesha was very proud of herself for her fabulous achievements in numeracy for knowing all her timetables up to 10 x 10. She informed me that she has worked really hard at school and at home to practice these. Also she has really enjoyed learning them all. Ayesha is excited to complete her next challenge she has set her self which she discusses in her praise pod.

All pupils and staff are extremely proud of Ayesha especially Mrs Greenwood who nominated her, for her fabulous focus in learning especially numeracy.  As she knows all tables facts and division up to 10×10. Also Ayesha has moved up tables to complete more complex learning. Well done you! Keep up the hard work!

Watch Ayesha praise pod here.

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