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As part of our Literacy learning, Year 4 have been reading a book called Children of Winter. In the story, the three main characters are sent to a barn by their parents to escape the dreaded plague! They are met by a lady named Mistress Hoggs who tries to attack them and infect them with the plague. Today, the children had to decide Mistress Hoggs’ fate by getting into role as the characters from the story. The classroom was set up in the scene of a courtroom and the children had to decide whether Mistress Hoggs was guilty or not guilty. The children did an amazing job getting into role and the jury found the defendant guilty of the crimes commited. After much debate, Mistress Hoggs was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Well done Y4C! You did an amazing job!

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  1. We had lots of fun doing the court room activity!
    Defence Lawyer: Has to defend the person who is on court trial
    Prosecution Lawyer: Has to show/tell evidence about what happened and why the person who is on trial has to have a punishment
    Defence Friend: Same as Defence Lawyer but a friend of the person who is on trial
    Defence: The peraon who is on trial
    Jury: Chooses who is guilty (There is a Chief jury too)
    Judge: Asks questions e.g. Why did you do this or is this a threat to you?
    Witnesses: People who saw it.

    I hope this information helped you alot!
    Maybe YOU want to be a lawyer one day!

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