Year 6 Survival Science

Mrs Graham’s new class have had a fabulous morning of scientific experimenting, today!

We’ve been learning all about how to survive on a desert island, linked to our class book – Kensuke’s Kingdom.

We know how important it is to have a source of fresh, clean water to drink but, we wondered, what if we couldn’t find a stream of running water? What if we managed to find fresh water, but it was dirty? These questions had to be investigated!

So we collected materials we’d likely find on an island and tested their effectiveness in filtering dirty water. Take a look at our results …


2 responses to “Year 6 Survival Science

  1. we all had so much fun i love science and i hope we all can do some more.

    by Ebony c

  2. We had soooooooo much fun,my favorite part was writing it up on comic life with Ebony!

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