Day 1 Y3 Cannon Hall Farm

What a wonderful day we have all had today at Cannon Hall Farm! The weather was kind and the sun was shining for us.

Upon arriving at the farm our first visit was to some delightful little 2 week old piglets and their mum! We learnt some amazing facts about pigs and how mummy pigs (Sows) keep babies in their tummies for 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days and that they usually give birth to a litter of around 14 piglets!

From there, we moved onto look at the ‘teenage’ pigs who were a little bit more boisterous and playful than their younger siblings, and very smelly too!!

Next it was time to visit the rare breeds farm where we all saw some wonderful creatures such as white hairy pigs, Alpacas with the funniest hair-do’s, and cute little Pigmy Goats!

Later on in the day we all had a little bet on the Sheep Race and the Ferret race and the blue team won both races!!

After a scrumptious lunch it was time to watch Mary the Cow being milked! It was amazing how much milk she had in her udders. The farmer said he milks nearly 50 pints a day!!

Before home time we were able to pet a really cute Guinea pig called Squeak and a fluffy little rabbit named Smokey! They were very soft and cuddly!

Take a look at our photos and videos of us having such a wonderful time on our first visit to Cannon Hall Farm. We hope you like them!





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