Y5S take a plunge into another world!

Today Y5S visited the mysterious Grimm and Co. 

The children were fascinated to discover that just down the road from them there was an apothecary for the weird and wonderful world of magic. Dragons, witches, elves and wizards all visit this shop to buy ingredients for their lotions and potions. 

Graham Grimm, who founded this magical world, phoned the children to inform them that the creatures needed new stories to read to continue their magic powers.

The children worked in small groups and independently to conjure up all their imagination and produce their own stories in the magical world. Each story was printed and published into a book, which you can read in school. 

As a treat for all their hard work, everyone had a chance to whizz down the giant beanstalk before spending their money on: fairy dust, grandma’s scabs, edible beans and all kinds of interesting things. 

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