Investigating Icebergs in Y6G


Linked to their Titanic topic learning, Mrs Graham’s class have been carrying out lots of Science experiments, this term, on floating and sinking.

First, the children investigated what makes a boat float and then how to keep one afloat as its capacity increases.

After that, they looked at how Titanic’s watertight doors should have worked to keep Titanic afloat and this led to some interesting discussions about icebergs…

So, instead of just talking about icebergs, they decided to make some of their own, using both salt and fresh water, to find out more about them and to answer their research question: does salt affect buoyancy?


Take a look at their fabulous learning!

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  1. Wow Y6G well done everyone, hope you’ve all enjoyed your investigation and learnts lots as always. Love seeing what you’ve been up to keep up the hard work! See you all soon Miss Bassindale xxx

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