Christingle Service 2016


On Thursday the 8th of December 2016 we held our annual Christingle Service. All the school participated and had some different parts to play. Year 3’s with their beautiful Christingle song, Year 4’s with their talented acting in the nativity play, year 5’s reading their winter poetry and Year 6 singing Enya’s ‘White is in the Winter Night’

We were also treated to some amazing music from our musicians across the year groups playing various instruments from guitar and xylophone to brass trumpets.

Watch the video below to enjoy a selection of everything from our Christingle.


2 responses to “Christingle Service 2016

  1. I was realy scared when i had to go up on that stage i was shaking like crazy, did i do good? 🤔😅

  2. I loved being able to see how the Christingle service went and to watch Elizabeth play the trumpet.

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