Year 5 Interview Day!

In Year 5 the children have been busy advertising jobs, writing application forms and attending interviews. Many children even dressed for the occasion. The children focused on Learning skills and mentioned many skills such as resilience, team work and communication. The children talked about having a food and hygiene certificate, life saving skills, having a driving licence and not wanting a large salary. All in all it was a fabulous experience for the children learning about the skills needed when applying for jobs in the future. Some children even had more than one job offer.

The results are –

Jobs in Y5S

Chloe/Izzys ice-cream – Winner Victoria

Khizer, Raheem, Jenson Filey museum – Winner Owen

Sea Sailors – Winner Charlie P

Fountains of Fudge – Winner Sassy

Super Shells – Winner Shaeda

B+H Lifeguard Station- Winner Thomas J

RSLS Bridlington Lifeboat – Winner Victoria

Whitby Lifeguard Center – Winner Skye

Crazy Sweets – Winner Christopher

Fred’s Coast Guard  – Winner Fletcher

King Fish – Winner Rowan

Big Fries – Winner Harrison

Jobs in Y5A

Sweet Wonderland – Winner Alesha

Banger Racer – Winner Shaeda

Ice – Cream Sellers – Winner Aliyah (Y5S)

Sweety Madness – Winner Keyaan

Junior Lifeguard – Winner Evan




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