Young Voices

We have arrived at the Sheffield Arena ready for our first rehearsal of the day. Our voices are warmed up and T-Shirts are on. 

Let’s get this show on the road!

We are now practising our beat boxing skills!

What a fabulous night we’ve had. All the children and staff had an incredible night dancing and singing our heats out! Here are a few final pictures from the evening.

4 responses to “Young Voices

  1. the young voices choir were amazing we all had a great time i was there for the first time and now i am leaving in may and it was a once in a lifetime experience i think all the other years should go if they have never been before i really hope that this school can change lives with all the fun activities we can all take part in. all of this has changed my life and i only came in Y4 WOW !!!!!!!

    thank you very much mrs Adams, mrs Fearnley and all the other staff that make this possible

  2. The Young Voices choir looks very good as im leaving in june to go to comp i don’t think i will be able to attend the next Young Voices so i hope you all have a really good time singing your hearts out
    love isabelle Hargreaves in Y6G

  3. Thank you Mrs Adams for taking Victoria to the arena in your car. Unfortunately the important permission slip to travel via coach was never sent home with Victoria because she was not on the school’s list so a form was not given to her. I know Victoria was very excited to go and has been rehearsing very hard. Thank you again for taking her.

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