Stick and stone 

To begin friendship week, the children in Year 3 have been reading ‘Stick and Stone’ – a wonderful story about friendship. 

The whole school will carry out a P4C enquiry about this and we look forward to reading everyone else’s.. 

We asked some excellent questions in Y3T but when the votes were in, the winning question was: 

If you are alone, do you always need a friend? 
What do you think? 

4 responses to “Stick and stone 

  1. 1. Yes so people will not be lonely.
    2. Sometimes it’s best to have peace and quiet.

    Joachim Calandra Y3P

  2. I like to have friends but it ok to play by yourself awell.
    you can tell your friends you problems or secrects.
    you do not have to change your personality for your friend.
    Some people think it is funny to make fun of others but is not nice and makes others feel bad
    There are lots of things that make a friend special, being kind, being nice, caring for each other and making each other laugh.

  3. you sometimes need a friend to play with. If you did not have a friend then you would be lonely. Albey Johnson Y3P

  4. Sometimes
    Because it nice to play by yourself and be alone and do what you want to. Also, sometimes it is good to have someone to play with because you can have a better game and share the fun.

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