Elise, Phoebe and Amaan’s Praise Pod

Today we had a triple nomination from Class Y6G to visit our praise pod. Elise, Phoebe and Amaan were all nominated by Mrs Graham to come see us today for them all achieving and excelling with this week’s learning skill which was team work. Unfortunately, Amaan is not very well today so he could not be with us but we would all like to say a massive Well done and we are sending Amaan lots of get well wishes.

This week’s focus in Literacy has been The boy in the striped pyjamas and to help get the children in character for their dear diary entries of Bruno from the story, Mrs Graham set the children a task. They were to act in role working into twos to act out the opening two scenes of the book. All three of these children worked really well sharing ideas and adapting to their partners ideas in order to create a fabulous role play. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed there self’s and were in there elements performing outdoors.

Take a look yourselves at their amazing role play video:

Well done you three for having such a fantastic attitude towards learning!

Watch Elise and Phoebes Praise pod here:

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  1. Wow, fabulous role play that has brought the book to life for you and enhanced your understanding. Thank you – true Herringthorpe Learners and we are very proud of you!
    Mrs Fearnley x

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