Race 4 Life 

This Friday is our Race 4 Life event (Friday 9th June)! 

All children and staff will be running 1km to raise money for Cancer Research.

Please return all sponsor forms and money as soon as possible. 

Here are the timings for the day for you to come and support your children (and join in if you wish):

Y6W – 9:30am

Y6G – 9:45am

Y6E – 10:00am 

Y5S – 10:15am

Y5GD – 11:00am

Y5A – 11:15am

Y4K – 11:30am

Y4W – 1:15pm

Y4G – 1:30pm

Y3T – 1:45pm

Y3S – 2:00pm

Y3P – 2:15pm

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