Drama in Y5G/D

This week during literacy, the children in Y5G/D have been taking part in drama to support their newspaper writing about the Apollo 11 Moon landing. The children have taken it in turns to be a television viewer or a family member of Neil Armstrong. They had to think about their thoughts and feelings. Even the reporters really got into their role, thinking of interesting questions to ask the person in the hot seat. The children will be using their quotes from the witnesses in their newspapers. IMG_4460IMG_4461IMG_4462IMG_4463IMG_4464IMG_4465IMG_4466IMG_4467IMG_4468IMG_4469IMG_4470IMG_4471IMG_4472IMG_4473IMG_4474IMG_4475IMG_4476IMG_4477IMG_4478

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  1. well done y5g you have done so well i am leaving on friday so i hope you all have a good time in y6 good luck y5 almost 6

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