The Noisy Paintbox

This afternoon, Y6W discussed ‘The Noisy Paintbox’ in their P4C session. Our question was ‘Would it be fair to judge people by what they create?’. We listened and shared our thoughts and ideas. Amongst our opinions were the following:
– Follow your dreams
– There is no right or wrong in art
– There’s a difference between judging someone and criticism. People should not be too sensitive when they are given advice
– Sometimes people judge you when they are jealous
– Be yourself
– Negativity can be out-ruled by positivity


8 responses to “The Noisy Paintbox

  1. I think people should be allowed to create what they want. We all have different ideas and learn from one another.

  2. A great way to teach children to be creative, inclusive and to respect others ideas.

  3. The noisy paint box
    helps people express their feelings and looks a lot of fun!

  4. It is didn’t fair to judge people with what they create because they would have tuck their time creating it and then they would just judge you

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