P4C In Y4K The Name Jar

the name jar

Today in Y4K, to coincide with our friendship week, we listened to a story called ‘The Name Jar’ it is a special story all about a little girl who has moved from the place she has lived all her life to a new country.

The children split into differentiated groups to discuss the story and think about how it had affected them as an individual. They were then asked to think of a philosophical question that they thought had meaning to themselves and the story in their groups.

There were lots of interesting and thought provoking questions brought forward, but the question chosen overall by the class was…

Should we change our name to please others?

We had some fabulous answers…

Kaden had this to say in answer to the class question. No, we shouldn’t change our name at all, because we are all just fine as we are”

Corey agreed and disagreed, explaining that “If you like your name you shouldn’t change it for others, on the other hand, if you don’t like your name, then you should be allowed to change it freely”

The class decided that the moral of the story was, It’s good to be different. 

What do you think, do you agree?

Watch the video of the story here


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