The Name Jar – P4C in Y3T

This afternoon, we have been looking at our friendship week story; The Name Jar. We listed lots of different questions which all thought carefully about the theme of Friendship and empathy towards others. Out final question was:

Why did Unhei try to change her name?

Is your name important? Why?


Here are some of the answers from the children:

Divine – she felt embarrassed as she comes from a different country

Jaylen – she wanted something simple so she would fit in.

Lily – she wanted a simple name as everyone was making fun of her

Ellis – I think she should be proud of her name

Jay – how will people know who she is if she has changed her name

Bailey – she wanted to change it as she was nervous when she met the others and its hard been different

Irza- her mum and grandma went to the name master for her name she should be proud.

We would love to know what you think?

the name jar

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