P4C in Y3S – The Name Jar

We watched the video and spoke about what we liked and disliked. We then had four minutes to write a question about the book.

We thought of the question and took an anonymous vote, the questions we looked at were What American name would you have chosen for Unhei and Why is your name important?

We each gave her a name from Daisy to Paris, then we spoke about why is important to have a name and we decided that our names are important so we can answer questions and our parents give us our names.

What is the moral of the story?

Archer – not to change for anyone

Oliver – everyone is different, we all need to be different because if everyone was the same it would be dull you have to have your own things.

Ashton S – everyone needs to be different as everyone has a different speed when running and that’s why we are all different

Umar – I think it is both its good to be different we all grow at different times. When we are in school the teacher gives different work for different people so they can all learn if we all had the same how would we all learn but we all wear different clothes to make us all look different.

Grace – we are all the same with our looks we all have eyes, nose etc but we have different colored skin which does not matter.

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  1. my thought was that you should never change your name for anyone because a trough friend likes you for who you are

  2. I would chose the name Anna and I think a name is important for a persons identity otherwise people would just say “oy come here” and everyone would come”.

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