Why attendance matters – Y3E

Why is attendance so important?


The children in Y3E played the game “How to wash an elephant”

The eight parts we came up with were

1 Get your elephant

2 Turn the taps on

3 Add the bubbles

4 Wash his stomach

5 Wash his feet

6 Wash his back

7 Wash his trunk

8 Wash his tusk


Faizaan and George weren’t in the room and the children had to mime the actions to them, they found it “very hard” to do as they did not understand the actions.  


The children found a screwed up attendance certificate and spoke about who could have done this and why?


“A class who is always losing the attendance competition as they don’t want the other class to show everybody they had won” Hafsah


“It was a child who did it because they are jealous, because they never win” Ridha

The children spoke about how hard they work in class and were given the scenario of all week every child has attended school and they are heading towards the 100% certificate but disaster strikes and three children are poorly on Friday. How do they feel?


Charlie “ Unhappy because as a class we have worked hard on earning the certificate.”

Lewis “ Annoyed as we have worked so hard and to win it we all need to attend school”

Noore “ Sad as we have worked hard all week and now it has been spoiled”

Jack “ Upset because their friends are poorly and upset as we have lost the certificate”

Alfie “ Angry because I have been let down by my friends”


The children then looked at how they would feel if they had been away from school either on holiday or poorly and Mrs Ebbs had said we are continuing our learning from yesterday, How would you feel?


Hannah “I wouldn’t know what to do so would be a little upset”

Aisha “I would feel confused, i wouldn’t know what to do”

Ridha “How would i know what you did yesterday? If Mrs Ebbs didn’t explain it to me”

Elizabeth “I would feel unhappy with myself, If i am poorly I can’t really help it, but having a holiday I can”


The children were asked do they think attendance is important?


Lily “Attendance is important, so you can learn and if you miss something it’s really hard to catch up!”

Noah “You don’t want to miss out on important things such as learning and playing with your friends”

Hafsah “If you don’t know what to do your friends and teachers will help you but it prevents others from learning.”


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  1. I think that attending is really important because if you miss lessons then you will fall behind and could ruin your future.

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