Why do we have emotions?

6E had an excellent P4C session discussing their chosen question inspired by Lucy’s Blue Day.Some points discussion points made included

  • ‘If we didn’t have emotions we wouldn’t know how to react’
  • ‘We have emotions so ourselves and others know how we feel’
  • ‘Everything has to have emotion’
  • ‘If we didn’t have emotions we wouldn’t be unique, we would just act like robots’
  • ‘Having emotion means I have friends.’
  • ‘Without emotion everyone would try to be bigger or better and wouldn’t care about what they did to get there, they would not have friends’
  • ‘If there was no emotion then there would be no colour – no one would want colour, everything would just be grey’
  • ‘Without emotion, people would have no ambition. They would not want to achieve anything.’
  • ‘Without emotion people wouldn’t be bothered to do anything or have anything.’
  • ‘Teachers wouldn’t go to work as they wouldn’t care about children. They wouldn’t care what happened to the children they taught.’
  • ‘There would be no wars or terrorism as they are about vengeance. Without emotion people would not feel this and wouldn’t care so there would be a lot less people dying.’

What are you’re thoughts to the question? Do you have anything to add to our discussion?

One response to “Why do we have emotions?

  1. I think that emotions are important because if we did not have emotions we would be the same.Without them we would all act the same and not show how we feel.

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