Words and your heart

During our P4C week, year 5A discussed the text, Words and your heart.

Some questions they cane up with included:

  • How do words affect you?
  • Can other people’s feelings affect others?
  • Why do words affect us?
  • How are your words powerful?

The question chosen to discuss was – How do your words have an impact on others?

The children held a really insightful discussion around their chosen question. Some responses included:

‘You have a chance to make someone happy.’

‘If you help someone they’ll feel happy then that will make you feel happy.’

Saying bad things

‘Makes that person feel better.’

‘Sometimes it’s not about anger.’

‘Thinking your thing is worse than the other persons … using bad words to take mood out on others.’

‘Don’t know how to let feelings out.’

How to change it

‘Break the cycle by saying something nice back to the person being mean.’

‘Tell the person what may be wrong/upsetting them.’

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