Year 4

Meet the Year 4 Team 2022/23


Y4 Class Teachers:

  • Y4J: Miss Johnson
  • Y4G: Mrs Gilroy
  • Y4B: Mrs Burkinshaw

Y4 classes are supported by our teaching assistants Miss Bennett, Miss Latif, Ms Bi and Mrs Andrews.

In Year 4 this year:

  • Autumn Term: Into the Rainforest – How are humans affecting habitats?
  • Spring Term: Time Travellers (Bronze Age, Stone Age, Iron Age)
  • Summer Term: Perilous Plague (Medical Breakthrough) Residential to Eyam

Please take the time to read through our Knowledge Organiser for each term to familiarise yourself with what we will be covering in our topics.

Our Yearly Overview will provide you with information on what we will be covering within each subject throughout the year.

We look forward to sharing children’s amazing outcomes through our ‘ Learning Blog’ throughout the year, we can’t wait to see how much they develop in year 4. 
Please get in touch via Class Dojo if you need any further information on Year 4.

Recommended Reading: From picture books to graphic novels, fantasy to family fun, these must-read books have the power to hook both boys and girls. Some are cultural touchstones that every child should read whilst others open children’s minds to cultures beyond their own. Some are modern releases that have the timeless quality of classics – the kind that get handed down to siblings and passed around classrooms. Whether you have a reluctant reader or budding bookworm – check out these surefire, child-tested titles. Please use the link below to take you to ‘The School Reading List’ website where it recommends year group appropriate books for children to enjoy. 

 Happy Reading!

Year 4:

We are proud of our Learning Outcomes

In Year 4 we are always exceptionally proud of the work that our children produce, we love to display their work in all of our classrooms and throughout the whole school.
Having our own Year 4 page is another way of being able to share your children’s work you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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  1. Thank you Mrs Kirby for everything, I learnt such a lot with you and from you. You have been my best ever teacher. x Love from

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