Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Statement

At WILLOW TREE Academy we have designed a curriculum that ensures a profound primary experience for all our pupils. This is underpinned by a spiritual, moral, social and cultural education that encourages personal growth and a development of core British Values in our children. Our curriculum engages and enthuses them through first hand-experiences. It is well planned to build knowledge and skills in a continuous and progressive way.

Willow Tree schools maintain a relentless and rigorous focus on raising standards through the learning skills curriculum also, which is explicitly taught so that these skills can be applied to gain knowledge and understanding across a wide range of subjects.

Our schools operate the same creative and vibrant, cross-curricular approach which aims to give every child the opportunity to fulfil their potential.  First-hand experiences are fundamental to our Cultural Offer and this defines the high expectations we have within our planning; ensuring connections that are coherent and manageable are made across the primary curriculum.

We are totally committed to providing memorable experiences that last a lifetime.

Willow Tree Academy Curriculum Overview 2019/20