Year 4 Homework

Home Learning 08.09.17

Literacy- This week, we have been using rhyme and rhythm to create a poem. Can you use rhyme and rhythm to write a poem of your choice? You could write a poem about your favourite foods, your hobbies, or even school!

Numeracy- This week in Numeracy, we have learnt about the importance of place value. Complete the activities below:

What are the values of the underlined digits? The first one has been done for you.

1) 849 = 40        2)  913 =      3) 2,605 =        4) 7,366 =       5) 15,087

Can you write the following amounts in numerals?

  1. One hundred and three =  
  2. Three thousand and four =
  3. Eight thousand, seven hundred and one =            
  4. One thousand, nine hundred and nineteen =
  5. Twelve thousand, six hundred and forty two  =

Spellings- au, aw, augh

28 responses to “Year 4 Homework

  1. I don’t understand the maths homework, i couldnt do it at the weekend coz my internet wasnt working and I was poorly 😦

  2. Hi had a great half term cant wait to see everybody again though. I’ve had some really nice walks and stuff this week! Sadly I got loads of injuries too 😦 I went too Grindleford near castleton and went paddling in a river then had tea at the castle (a pub), went on a bike ride and
    watched the cricket in clumber park, watched the croods at the cinema, went to kirclees light railway and went on the bouncy castle, went to sanias party, did a football club with rotherham united and loads more!! I hope everyone else has had this much fun!! 🙂

  3. Hi! had fun writing the poem and designing the reflector. I dont have much to write I just wanted to write something

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