14 responses to “Year 5 Homework

  1. Mrs Angus do we need to put an animals name that begins with the same letter before the verb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m sorry to say I wasn’t in school on Thursday as I was ill. Can I get my reading journal homework after the Half Term Holidays? I would like to ask another question. Does the underwater image have to be made from a shoebox?

  3. Hello! Mrs Greenwood, I wasn’t here on Friday because I was ill, so I cannot do my PSHE book. I looked on here for my homework so I am doing my homework just in a pad of paper. I have done the Recount as well!

  4. Miss snowden do you have to bullet point the things what we did in London one by one
    Emily batty

  5. Hello miss snowden I did all of my homeowrk

    Extra homework
    Homework task
    And more

    Do I need to do my literacy homework In my green book because that what is says on the homework about London.
    Emily batty

  6. That sounded a bit formal didn’t it 🙂 he he he he xxxxx thank you

  7. Hello Mrs Graham, I did not get this weeks homework due to being at sports. I have read the numeracy on the website and have realised I have not done that in school because of being out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sorry I can not do the maths homework. Thank you very much. Lauren Collumbine

  8. I had left my numeracy homework at school but lucky the homework was on the website

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