14 responses to “Year 5 Homework

  1. I’m sorry to say I wasn’t in school on Thursday as I was ill. Can I get my reading journal homework after the Half Term Holidays? I would like to ask another question. Does the underwater image have to be made from a shoebox?

  2. Hello! Mrs Greenwood, I wasn’t here on Friday because I was ill, so I cannot do my PSHE book. I looked on here for my homework so I am doing my homework just in a pad of paper. I have done the Recount as well!

  3. Hello miss snowden I did all of my homeowrk

    Extra homework
    Homework task
    And more

    Do I need to do my literacy homework In my green book because that what is says on the homework about London.
    Emily batty

  4. Hello Mrs Graham, I did not get this weeks homework due to being at sports. I have read the numeracy on the website and have realised I have not done that in school because of being out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sorry I can not do the maths homework. Thank you very much. Lauren Collumbine

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