12 responses to “Year 6 Homework

  1. Hi mrs ward ,
    I left my literacy homework book at school and I need them for spellings what should I do

  2. Hi mrs graham I their any spellings for tommorow because I’ve not got any and I think it might be the test thank you Lauren collumbine

  3. hi miss Dunmore
    do we have to do one of our six homework tasks this weekend?
    thank you xxxxxxx

  4. hi miss dunmore i cant do the sum-dog homework as i handed my homework into school and i don’t know it off my heart. ok thanks

  5. Thaiba younis
    Dear mrs Dunmore,
    I was wondering do we have to bring our school bag tomorrow for crucial crew

  6. Hi Miss Dunmore
    I picked up the wrong maths book, I picked up my morning math book instead of my math book please can you ask Mrs Lidnsey for my homework sorry to bother you
    P.S it is in Monday
    Thank you.

  7. Hi Miss Dunmore and Mrs Graham, just wondering. Do you have to record your reading and bring it in or do you just do the homework you have been given. Ok thanks xxxxx

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