Year 6 Homework



Autumn Home Learning Tasks     

Here are five home learning projects to support our Autumn Term topic of ‘Coastal Invasions’. These tasks can be completed in any order. Children should complete one task every fortnight, to bring to Class Share on Fridays.

Autumn Term Home Learning Tasks

Literacy: On our residential visit, we will learn all about the Grace Darling rescue. Could you write her biography? You will need to include important dates and events in her life. You may choose to present this as a fact file instead, with illustrations or photographs from the internet.

Science: In Science, we are going to be using and creating our own branching keys to classify animals. Could you create your own branching key game? This could be with people, animals or even aliens! It would be a good idea to wait, until we’ve looked at this in Science, before having a go at this task.

Art: As part of our ‘Coastal invasions’’ topic, we would like you to create a sea-themed collage or mosaic, using any materials (magazine cuttings, coloured card/paper etc.) you have at home. Start with a design in pencil and build on it with your materials.

RE: On our residential visit, we learn all about St. Cuthbert. Could you present a storyboard of his life? Use the internet to search for key dates and events.

History: After Half Term, we are going to be learning about the Vikings. Could you use the internet or books at home to do some research, ready for this new learning?


We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with.

If you have any problems or do not understand your homework please come and see a Y6 teacher as soon as possible.

Miss Meaburn, Mrs Evans, Miss Snowden and Miss Scott

12 responses to “Year 6 Homework

  1. Hi mrs graham I their any spellings for tommorow because I’ve not got any and I think it might be the test thank you Lauren collumbine

  2. hi miss dunmore i cant do the sum-dog homework as i handed my homework into school and i don’t know it off my heart. ok thanks

  3. Hi Miss Dunmore
    I picked up the wrong maths book, I picked up my morning math book instead of my math book please can you ask Mrs Lidnsey for my homework sorry to bother you
    P.S it is in Monday
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Miss Dunmore and Mrs Graham, just wondering. Do you have to record your reading and bring it in or do you just do the homework you have been given. Ok thanks xxxxx

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