Spring Home learning tasks     

Here are seven home learning projects to support our Spring Term topic of World War II. These tasks can be completed in any order. Children should complete one task every fortnight, to bring to Class Share on Fridays.

Evacuee Outfit: We will be visiting Kelham Island this term and as part of the activities we are all required to dress as evacuees. Can you create an authentic evacuee outfit to wear to the visit and for other activities in school? You teachers will all be busy getting their outfits ready too!.

Design and Technology: Design and create a model World War II aircraft, using any materials you may already have at home. Your design should include a labelled diagram and an equipment/materials list.

Literacy: Imagine you are an evacuee in WWII, taken from your family and put into the care of a stranger in the countryside. Can you write a letter home to a family member of yours? What would you tell them about how you are feeling? What might you tell to make them feel better?

RE – Judaism: Research and present a Fact File on the Synagogue. What does it look like? How does the Synagogue differ from the Christian Church or the Muslim Mosque?

Design and Technology: Design and create a model anderson shelter or victory garden. Think about what materials you could use to create miniature fences, grass and trees. Try to use items you can find around the house such as old packaging.

German: Linked with our new topic of WWII, we are introducing a new language this term – German. Children, can you create a resource sheet for next year’s Y6 on either German numbers or colours? Your resource sheet will need to include illustrations and labels in both German and English.

Science: In Science this term, we are learning about light. Can you find out about the parts of the eye. Use labeled diagrams and sketches to show what you have found out.

We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with.

If you have any problems or do not understand your homework please come and see a Y6 teacher as soon as possible.

Mr Williams, Mrs Graham and Mrs Evans

12 responses to “Homework

  1. Hi mrs graham I their any spellings for tommorow because I’ve not got any and I think it might be the test thank you Lauren collumbine

  2. hi miss dunmore i cant do the sum-dog homework as i handed my homework into school and i don’t know it off my heart. ok thanks

  3. Hi Miss Dunmore
    I picked up the wrong maths book, I picked up my morning math book instead of my math book please can you ask Mrs Lidnsey for my homework sorry to bother you
    P.S it is in Monday
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Miss Dunmore and Mrs Graham, just wondering. Do you have to record your reading and bring it in or do you just do the homework you have been given. Ok thanks xxxxx

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