Y3W/B Giraffes Can’t Dance

This week in our philosophy lesson we read a book called Giraffes Can’t Dance as our stimulus.  We had some time to think about the meaning of the story and what questions we would like to ask and then talk about.

There are four different types of questions. Comprehension questions, were you can find the information from the book. Knowledge questions, where you could find the answer by asking an expert.  Speculation questions, where we can predict and make guesses about the answer. Philosophical questions, where we have to think and talk about our opinions and experiences.

Mr William’s class came up with three philosophical questions today.

Is everyone good at something?

Should you keep on practicing if you are not very good?

Should you support others even though they are being made fun of?

Should you keep on practicing if you are not very good? – This is the question we talked about today.

Miss Brewin’s class thought about lots of different questions but decided on the one below.

Can you always get better at something if you stick at it?

What do you think? Talk to your family and friends at home and leave us a comment to discuss in class.

Thank you!

20 responses to “Y3W/B Giraffes Can’t Dance

  1. We are always telling both Emily (Y5A) and Ethan (Y3P) that if they persevere at whatever they are doing they will get better. And you can do whatever you set your mind to.

  2. ‘Practice makes perfect!’ is a saying that my dad uses. It means that if you aren’t very good at something what you should is carry on and practice it as much as you can until you get better at it. I think this is very important. Children and adults should never give up on things.

  3. I think if you are not good at something keep practicing but if you don’t get better try something else and find your talent.

  4. You should always keep practicing because you get better and better then people think your good.

  5. I think its better to not quit and keep trying until you get it right. My mum says practice makes perfect.

  6. Daisy
    You should practice as it will make you get better at things. Always keep trying even when it gets hard. K

  7. yes I think it would be better if you keep on trying until you get to the stage where its all perfect and your teacher says it is fantastic.

  8. I think it is better to have lots of practice and when if you think you’ve had a lots of practice give up or if it will just take a bit more effort try again and you mingh t do it

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