Y6 at Church

On the 17th of September, the Year 6 who did not go to Northumberland went to Saint Cuthbert’s church to look at what it is like inside a real church! After the 10 minute walk, we arrived at the church to be met by the vicar. She led us inside to the main hall. In there, we sat on the many pews. Papers were handed out to each person and we were told to match the name of the feature with the description. We walked around the church to find many things that were on the sheet. Everybody searched around for thing like ‘Altar’, ‘Organ’ and King Oswald’s head! King Oswald’s head was in Saint Cuthbert’s hands! We learned that this was not because they we’re in a battle but because Saint Cuthbert and King Oswald’s head were buried together. This is because they were both very special people, saints. It is thought that very special things happen if you were near them, much like miracles! After that the vicar told us to go into the pulpit and say a small sentence like ‘ All that I can, I will’ so that we could see what it was like standing up there. Shortly afterwards we saw the vicar’s vestments (what she wears for sermons.) This visit was only about 2 hours long but was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Written by Sana


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