F.R.I.E.N.D.S in Y3B!!

Nope…not the popular TV series but the title of some wonderful poems written this afternoon about friendship. I have written some examples below as well as photographed some of the excellent presentation shown. Can you tell what type of poem they are?

Friends have kindness
Really sweet and innocent
I have lots of friends
Every friend matters
Never leave them behind
Do people get left out?
So make them your friends!!
Kadie Wright Y3B

Friends are important
Really true friends have love and kindness
If I am hurt they help me
Every time we fall out we sort it!
Never hurt or be nasty to your friend
Doubt that you will ever be mean to your friends.
Shaeda Malek Y3B

Friends help if we are in trouble
Really like me
I like my friends
Every time I play with them
Never ever leave me out
Day and night I play with them
Story time, they read to me.
Isa Alam Y3B

Friends are important because you wouldn’t be able to play with anyone
Remember there are people that are bad and good
I have lots of friends, you need one
Even when you’re in nursery you need one
Nearly everyone has a friend
Did you make some friends?
So what are your friends like? Leave a comment!
Jordan Nixon Y3B

Friends are important
Respect your friends
I like having friends
Never fall out with your friends
Dinner time is when friends come and eat and talk
Sitting down talking to your friends.
Hakim Muzaffar Y3B










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  1. Beautiful acrostic poems Miss Brewin, your class have produced some wonderful learning for friendship week. I am very proud of them, I can really see the influence you have on their kind and caring nature. I hope you are all working hard to make your secret friend feel special.

    Mrs Greenwood.

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