Y6 Animation Club – The Final Edit

Mrs Graham’s Animation Club proudly present …

The Laidly Worm Legend

Here is the final edit of our animation, we do hope you enjoy it!

I am especially proud of all of our Animation Club members, as this is 100% their own – they’ve written their own version of the story, designed and made all of the sets (from old shoe boxes!), directed and animated every movement and used their fabulous ICT skills to put it all together. What an achievement – well done!

Mrs Graham

3 responses to “Y6 Animation Club – The Final Edit

  1. Fabulous team work – can’t wait for the Roscars! Well done all x

  2. You’ve done an absolutely amazing job children and guess what?!

    We have been short listed for a ROSCAR!!

    Well done everybody, I can’t wait for the event!

  3. Hi everyone!!!! Just to say that the animation is amazing and I have my hopes up that we will come in a high place during ROSCARs. Well done!

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