Metaphor Madness

Today in Literacy, Y4C explored metaphors to create imagery! We looked at metaphors such as:
My teacher is a dragon
Max is a pig when he eats and
He has a broken heart.

We then thought of our own to perform as a freeze frame to the rest of the class. Can you guess what they are? Can you think of any metaphors? 20150917-140148.jpg20150917-140153.jpg20150917-140158.jpg20150917-140204.jpg20150917-140216.jpg20150917-140223.jpg20150917-140230.jpg20150917-140235.jpg20150917-140245.jpg20150917-140250.jpg20150917-140257.jpg20150917-140303.jpg20150917-140308.jpg20150917-140318.jpg

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