Ethan’s Praise Pod

Ethan was extremely excited when I collected him and informed him he had been nominated to appear on the Praise Pod this week.

Ethan informed me he was honoured to be visiting the praise pod today but the honour was all ours, Mrs Kirby, his class teacher had nominated him to visit the pod. Mrs Kirby informed me she has nominated Ethan due to his use of vocabulary to describe a story character and their traits. As I am sure you will agree his use of vocabulary is outstanding.

Well done for having such a positive attitude towards learning. Keep up the hard work!

Watch his praise pod here.

2 responses to “Ethan’s Praise Pod

  1. Well done Ethan I can’t believe this is your second time. Last time I went on praise pod with you and that time I could tell you were sceard but now your braver well done so proud of you


  2. Good attitude Ethan well done for getting on the praise pod I hope I get nominated soon.

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