Programming Robots

Today in Year 6 we have had some visitors from the Bloodhound project in school. They have been helping us program robots to complete small tasks. We have been inspired today and have learnt a lot about what jobs will be available in the future.


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  1. I enjoyed playing with the robots, the best part was working as a team to program the robots to make them move. we called our robot A.C.N.J. Each robot had a graber at the front , We had a challenge, it was to use the grabba to pick up a block. The men that came in to teach us had a little robot that moved, walked and talked, he was very cute, he danced two.
    Jessica Guest Y6W

  2. i loved programing the robots because we had teams to work in and we had a challenge to make the robot to go forward and grab a block, turn around and come back. my team was able to complete the challenge. my robot was called A.C.N.J.

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