Dylans and Travis’s Praise Pod


Today we had a double whammy of a praise we not only had Dylan visit us but also Travis from Y5S. They both arrived extremely happy but surprised to be on the praise pod, after a few guesses they guessed they had been sent to the praise pod for completing their Maths Passports and Globe Trotter. Here the boys explain what Globe Trotter is and how they have completed their maths passports.

All pupils and staff are extremely proud of both Dylan and Travis especially Mrs Greenwood who nominated them, their numeracy teacher for completing Globe Trotter and achieving all stages of his/ their Math’s Passports.  Both boys went on to tell me how much they are enjoying numeracy this term as it is really challenging and they love a challenge. Well done for having such a fantastic attitude towards learning! Celebrating another huge achievement both Dylan and Travis informed me that they are really enjoying sports this term with Miss Tyzack, especially cricket as they won a match yesterday against another school. Woo-Hooo Go Herring Thorpe!!!! Keep up the hard work boys and continue to have a fabulous term.

Watch Dylan and Travis praise pod here.



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