Year 3 Harry Potter Filming

Today Mrs Pye’s class and half of Mrs Brewin’s class visited Rawmarsh CLC to film their very own rendition of Harry Potter!

They had the most wonderful time, learning many different ICT techniques and practicing their acting skills. The children had the chance to read from scripts and bravely perform in front of the cameras and our very own sound check people!

Watch the video below to experience this magical day with us!


4 responses to “Year 3 Harry Potter Filming

  1. Wow year 3! It looks as though you had an amazing day. I can’t wait to see your film.
    Mrs Adams x

  2. Wow! I am amazed! I wish I was there at CLC. Maybe later! I love Harry Potter as much as Y3s do. My favourite book is Philosopher’s Stone and Prisoner of Azkaban.

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