Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Prom 2016-1-107

On Friday 17th June 2016 we held our Year 6 Leavers assembly.

Needless to say it was a very sad moment to be saying goodbye to our Year 6 children but it was also a wonderful and touching way to celebrate everything that they have done and achieved in their school life at Herringthorpe.

Each and everyone of the children will be missed so much, but it makes it a little easier saying goodbye when we know that they are all ready and equipped with educational and valuable life skills for their next chapter in life…

Please watch their very special video below…



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  1. Just hearing our leavers songs make me cry so much tears it’s unreal!! I’ve been looking for this video for ages now and just thinking about all the memories we had at herringthorpe. I can’t believe we are already in year 8 and I’m still putting up with ashcon as my best friend!! If it wasn’t for herringthorpe me and ashcon would have never gotten to be this close💙I miss everyone so much and all the staff that made me who I am today😢This school is by far the best, and giving me the best education possible. Just like to say thankyou so much to all the staff and children from our 4 years at herringthorpe juniors from leading me in the right directions to find myself and who I really am❤️❤️Thankyou love from ruby Xooxoxoxoxoxo

    • Ruby, what a lovely message! We miss you too! I am glad you are settled and happy in your new school! You are right, time has gone so quickly! It is great to see you have kept up strong friendships and that you are very happy! love Mrs Roberts 🙂 x

  2. This makes me cry so much can’t believe our prom was a year ago and now tommorow I am going to France with year 7 time has moved on so quick missing HJS so much Xxx

    • We miss you too Jessica, and you are right, time has moved on so quickly!! I’m sure you’re doing amazing in Y7! I hope you enjoyed your time in France! Love Mrs Roberts x

  3. OMG 😲 finally found the video again!! Although it’s been a while since we all left herringthorpe I’m still picturing me and all of my friends walking into school and sitting down waiting for the hjs staff to teach us💗 Still missing everyone ( staff and friends ) I’ll never forget you😭 Hope all the old year 6s (or new year 7ns) are having a good time at comp and have made lots of new friends💦 Hope to see every one again soon 👋🏼 Xxx

  4. The video made me cry all over again i still miss herringthorpe even though its nearly been 7 months and i’ve made new freinds at comp.

  5. Watching this video again made me cry all over again and I cant believe that I am almost in year eight, it feels like it was only a few days ago that I was in year six preparing to say goodbye to all my friends and start a new chapter in my life but along my journey to the point that I am at now I have made many more friends. Even though I have got this far in my new school and have made many more friends, somewhere inside of me I am still hurting and missing my friends and all the staff at herringthorpe junior school.

  6. My time at hjs was great all the staff and y6 teachers were amazing this was a wonderful adventure and now and then watch this makes me feel sad but sometimes on the walk home from school i see all of my old school mates that split up our friendship but i still have a few old friend and alot of new friend but my but them friend will not replace my primary friends

  7. It made me cry again watching all of my friends cry it was like I was there all over again seeing my friends for the last time nearly everyday. The song at the beginning made me cry I can remember practicing all the songs and one day in the rehsal me and ellie and catlin stubbing started to cry singing all the songs. I’m so glad that i meet these friends and thankyou to all the teacher for all your help though the sad and hard time in my life. It was a great experience in herringthorpe enjoy spending times with your friends and the teachers because year 6 goes by fast.

  8. I started to cry when I watched that again 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    It was so sad

    From Abi

  9. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at herringthorpe. I have had an amazing 4 years at herringthorpe juniors. But now its time to say goodbye.I will miss you.

  10. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at herringthorpe. I have had a great 4 years at herringthorpe juniors, i will miss all of you.THANK YOU!!!!!

  11. Great video, wished I could have been there. Annalyse has really progressed at Herringthorpe Juniors and I would like to thank the excellent staff for the confidence and guidance you have given to her, thank you. Her little brother is moving up to the juniors this year, and he is really looking forward to it, let’s hope he has the same experience(es) that Annalyse has had. Annalyse thanks all staff, teachers and her friends for making it a fabulous 4years. Xxx thank you. Xx

  12. Would like to thank all the staff at Herringthorpe Juniors for everything they did and for helping to make our learning the best it can be. Thank You everyone for believing in us when we were confused/down. We will all miss you! Thank You For Everything!

  13. What a wonderful video, floods of tears again. I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you throughout jays years at Herringthorpe. Jay as had an amazing time and we will miss you all. Xxxxxx

  14. May one of the teachers please google drive me the history video my mum would like to see it , Thank You xxxxxx

  15. Well, tears again watching this wonderful video!! Sarah has had an amazing time at Herringthorpe Juniors and has made some wonderful friends. Thank you all for your help and support during these last four years – we will miss you all very much xx

  16. What an amazing celebration of 4 Wonderful years at Herringthorpe Juniors!!! The school, teachers and staff are fantastic. Thank you for everything you have done for Lucy, we will miss you all very much xxx

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