A day at the seaside.

Today, a group of Year 5s visited Bridlington and had an amazing day. Especially ordered, was the warm sunshine which greeted them there. First, we visited the Spa Theatre and found out how this building holds many events which are helping to put Bridlington back on the map, as a holiday destination. Check out all of us on the stage. We even sat in Olly Murs’ dressing room, unfortunately he wasn’t still there. img_16001After lunch, we visited the Bridlington Lifeboat Station where the Lifeboat Mechanic explained about the boat and how it has helped to save many lives. Did you know the lifeboat can never capsize, it will always re-right itself? Check out Raheem, dressed as a life boat man, doesn’t he look brave? Of course, we couldn’t leave without spending a little time on the beach. Lots of teamwork as the children created sand messages and pictures.

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