Friendship Week in Y5S

This week, as i’m sure you know, has been friendship week. 

Firstly, to support our thinking about what ‘friendship’ means we spent time looking at the qualities of a friend and what that meant to us. Then we created our friendship pebble to give to our secret friends which we had chosen out of a hat. The pebble had to represent a good quality about that person linked to friendship. Here are all the stones from our class:

Toward the end of the week, we read the book ‘Stick and Stone’ and developed an open question: Can enemies ever become friends?

Some of the children’s comments left plenty of other children thinking about their true meaning of friendships and enemies. Here are some of the comments below:

‘Some people don’t know the true meaning of enemy. An enemy is when they’ve done something really bad and you can’t forgive them’.

‘If there was a bully in the school, you could try to make friends with them’.

‘I think enemies can become friends because sometimes you just say you’re enemies for the sake of it’.

‘I think you can become friends with your enemies because you may develop a similar understanding or common ground you never thought you had’.


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