The Heart

Today we have been learning about the heart and how blood travels around our body through veins and arteries. We have created models to simulate blood traveling from the heart to the lungs.


Here is a preview of some of our heart explanation texts.

Blood is pushed through your body by your heart. Entering through to the right Atrium from a vein, your blood passes through a valve. This valve stops your blood from going the wrong way around your body. As it passes through this valve, it enters the first of the heart’s four chambers – the right Atrium. When your heart beats, this blood is pushed through another valve and through an artery to the lungs.
When blood is pumped around the lungs, it collects oxygen (O2), in its blood cells, and disposes of any carbon dioxide (CO2) which it is carrying. Once your blood (blood cells) have collected enough oxygen, they are pumped through a vein to the left atrium ready to be pushed around your body.

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