Year 4 Science, plants and how to care for them

On Thursday the 6th of March, as part of our science topic, how well plants grow, all of Year 4 were treated to a question and answer session with our very own resident gardener, Mr Geoghegan.

All the children thought of some very interesting questions focused around how to care for plants and what it is exactly that plants need in order to survive.

Wrapped up warm, the children moved outside to see the work that Mr Geoghegan is currently working on, on our school premises. Gathering lots of information about different plants and how they are all unique and require different types of care for the plant to grow and thrive.

Please watch the video below and share the educational experience with us!

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  1. Wow Year 4….I absolutely loved watching your video! I have learnt so much too! Not only is Mr Geoghegan a fantastic artist, he also knows loads about Science too!! Impressive!

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