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This week in Literacy, Year 6 have started learning about journalism.

Mrs Graham’s group have started by learning to tell a news story for the camera first, by creating their own TV news reports! The children have taken on the roles of News Readers, Correspondents, Witnesses and even Camera Crew to put together these collaborative news projects, based on the Laidly Worm legend.

Have a look at our clips – scripted, rehearsed and filmed entirely by the children, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below …


10 responses to “Y6G News

  1. Really good videos of the news and nice clear voices I like all of them but I like Daniels tafadswas and Archie’s . By Charlie parker

  2. So pleased to see you all so motivated -I loved all your newscasts – well done! Love Mrs Fearnley x

  3. Hi everyone listening to those reports I can tell you all worked really hard in them.My favourite was Thabia Faryal Tumbhikani and James. Thank you Mrs Graham for sharing them with us.

  4. Hi Mrs Graham
    I really enjoyed doing the filming with my group I think it was a really good idea thank you

  5. I quite liked them all but the best one was Tafadswa ,Daniel and Archie’s video!!!!! 🙂

  6. it was so much fun doing drama in literacy I really enjoyed it cant wait till we can do something else again

  7. I really enjoyed doing the news report I just showed it to my mum and dad and they enjoyed it too this was a really fun lesson.

  8. it was so much fun filming these news reports and I can’t wait to start writing the reports thank you so much Mrs Graham for letting us film this

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